Saturday, August 7, 2010

How many writers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

None. The writers aren't actually screwing in the lightbulb, they are too immersed in the creative world to see to mundane details such as changing lightbulbs or cleaning or any such nonsense. They are, in fact, waiting for a lightbulb to appear cartoon-like over their head signifying a brilliant, just born idea.

So my question is this: are you as a writer actively seeking ideas for new projects? Do you walk around thinking "Could I write a book about this? What about this? Does anyone want to read about a poor college graduate eking out a living in a smoothie shop?"


Do your ideas come to you unbidden and unexpectedly? Does something random just pop into your head and you know that it would make a great book? If you finish one project, do you just wait for that next inspiration to strike?

For me it's happened both ways. My current work in progress was one of those lightning bolt type moments that came out of no where inspired by a video game commercial during the Super Bowl. What about you?


Deb Salisbury said...

I usually get drabbles of the story. A character here, a subplot there. Rarely I'll see the "whole" story in a dream (it never ends up the way I dreamed it).

I don't wait for inspiration, though. I chase it! :D

Jessica Hill said...

I've had ideas come to me both ways, too. Most of the time, it's something unexpected, but I like to seek out inspiration, as well.

barbmeyers said...

Sometimes I take an ordinary scenario and keep asking "What if...?"