Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Do you have strawberry banana?

Never, ever, under any circumstances, walk into a smoothie place and ask if they have strawberry banana.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people do this to me daily.

My reply, said in the most snarky and sarcastic tone possible (that is if I could actually say this without being fired) would be: "No. Strawberry-banana? Whoever heard of that? You must be the first person in the entire world to think of putting those two fruits together. Get out of here you sick freak!!"

Unfortunately, this is my actual reply (fake cheerful smile and all): "Why yes, we do have strawberry banana! We have it with strawberry-kiwi juice, with pineapple juice, with orange juice, with vanilla yogurt, with orange sherbert...actually, we have NINE smoothies that are strawberry banana on the menu!"

Anyway.... that's my revelation on smoothies for today. Sadly, just one of many things that bother me about working in a smoothie place. Another one being it prevents me from staying home and writing all day (okay, and getting distracted reading too).

I'm a YA writer. I did just start my first contemporary romance, but I'm only 5 pages in so we'll wait and see how that goes. But back to the YA. My second completed MS is called Banished: An Ideal Novel (or something to that effect. who knew writing a book could seem easy in comparison to coming up with a title?) I'm still in the editing phase, my mom (a writer too) having just finished reading through it for me. I'm forcing myself to put it away until after the New Year, because I need some space from it to really be able to look at it honestly. It's driving me crazy and I'm itching to read my mom's comments. Thus the romance book I've started to keep my mind off of Banished.

It took me so long to come up with a name for my blog that now I have to stop writing and get ready to go out to dinner. Oh well, at least I have a blog to come home to!


Mary Lindsey said...

I totally understand the name thing for your blog. I never came up with one I liked, so I just left it with what Wordpress called it by default. Mary Lindsey's Weblog. Original, huh?

Good luck with your writing and congrats on your blog!


Anonymous said...

What about orange banana? *snort* That was really bad. Great post! (I like the title, by the way!)

DaniSue said...

thanks for the comments, I figured it would take me about two years to come up with something clever and original, so I just went with the embarrassing truth.

And if you're interested we actually do have orange banana, but it has peach and pineapple in it too and is one of the worst smoothies I've ever tasted!

CD said...

Lol, I hate strawberry-banana anything, but do you have orange-pineapple-lemon? I'm a citrus junkie. Can I ask that question without making the smoothie girl hate me?