Saturday, December 12, 2009

Highlight of my day

This is going to be a quick post, but I just had to get this out there.

I was at work (it's day 5 of a working 10 days in a row), when a customer comes in. I was listening to her order-- started out normal enough:

Woman: "I'll have a bowl of chicken and rice soup..."
Boss-man: "For here or to go?"
Woman: "To go. And do you have kid's wraps?"
Boss-man: "Yes, ma'am." He gestures toward the menu board.
Woman: (reading aloud) "Ham melt, turkey melt...what's a white tortilla?"
My internal dialogue: "WHAT?? Did she really just ask what a TORTILLA is? Did she not just say "kid's wraps"? What does she think we "wrap" them with? Seaweed? Who doesn't know what a tortilla is?
Boss-man: "A tortilla? It's like white...bread?" He motions with his hands, which does little to clarify.
Woman: "Oh. Okay. I'll have one of those too."
At which point I had to contain my laughter and disbelief to make the aforementioned wrap. I gave it to her and watched her leave without saying anything. I have to wonder, though, was she still confused when she opened the bag when she got home? Did she unwrap it and go "Hey, where's my sandwich?" Or did she finally figure out out a tortilla is?


DaniSue said...

why is it letting me leave a comment and other people are having trouble? Grrrr

Deb Salisbury said...

Hey, it let me comment this time. Hurray!!!

I've never heard of a "white tortilla," but I assume it's a flour tortilla. All these technical terms! It's like ordering food in a foreign language. ;-)

DaniSue said...

yes, it is a flour tortilla, we call it white to distinguish because we also have wheat tortillas

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