Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Yep, that's me. SLACKER!!!! (when it comes to writing, anyway....okay, and cleaning. but really, who cares about that?)

I had a ton of free time to work on my book this week. My boyfriend was gone for the week, and I spent the better part of most nights home alone. And what did I do with that free time? The answer have no idea. I think I watched a lot of tv (hello, The Bachelor!) And probably spent waaaayyyy too much time messing around on the Internet. I did manage to clean the apartment, but it took like two hours. Ooh, I read, a lot. I finished 2 books. But....I didn't work on my own hardly at all, and that is very shameful. Now my boyfriend gets back tomorrow, and between work and spending time with him, I know I'm barely going to glance at my book.

So. New resolution. Wait, is it too late for those? Regardless, I'm limiting my time on the Internet to a half hour a day. Seriously. No more spending hours reading useless news stories and status updates and who knows what else. My goal is to having my manuscript edited and ready to query by the time Cody graduates from school in May.

This is going to be tough.


Deb Salisbury said...

Wishing us both lots of luck staying off the internet! It is toooo addicting. Sigh.