Tuesday, January 5, 2010

There aren't enough hours in the day

to do everything that I want/need to do. I find this both frustrating and unfair. There should be.

First, reading and writing. Always a priority. But at the moment I find myself buried. First, I have a Kindle. New unlimited possibilities for reading, not to mention the ridiculous convenience that is oh so tempting. Second, generous family members gave me 75$ in gift certificates, which I spent 50$ of (to give the Kindle and my bf Cody's credit card a break) which equals 4 books I am drooling to read (actually already finished one). Plus my mom sent me two of her manuscripts, one of which I have started and am enjoying critiquing (minus the sexy scenes...awkward..). And then there's my own manuscript which I am in the middle of revising, and also enjoying. So I am finding myself doing a merry-go-round all day alternating between my Kindle (was in the middle of a book when I started a new one), the paperbacks I bought, my mom's book, and my book.

Second, I made the slight mistake of getting my adorable boyfriend Cody a Wii for Christmas, and then advising his brother to buy him Mario Kart for it. Well. Guess who is his new favorite video game buddy? Yep. Me. And guess who is strangely addicted to it, even though two games makes my eyes bloodshot? Oh yeah, me again.

Third, work. Really starting to get in the way of all the reading/writing/video-game-playing I want to be doing. However, 2 friends who recently quit make me tell myself on repeat: must be thankful I have a job. Must be thankful I have a job.

Fourth, grown-up-boring-type stuff. Bill paying (Ewwwwww). Cleaning (Double ewwwww). Grocery shopping, getting gas, giving the dog a bath, cooking dinner, watering the plants, blah blah blah, all cutting into my fun time considerably.

Fifth, spending time with friends. Which I always, always, always make time for. Time that there is not enough of.

Sixth, wasting time on the Internet. This one is my bad. I spend waaayy too much time on Facebook, checking my e-mail, FML, etc. Hmm...maybe if I cut down on this I would have more time for other things....

I'm thinking I should've paid attention when they taught time management in middle school. They always gave us those planners to write down our homework and things we had to do, but inevitably mine ended up covered in doodles of flowers and hearts and very little useful information. Maybe I should get a new planner!



barb said...

Great post! I love the way you express yourself.