Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What today is not

Today is NOT my birthday. Ok well, technically, according to my driver's license, it is. But. I have decided to postpone. I'm not trying to avoid being older, although 23 doesn't sound quite as young or as attractive as 22, if you ask me. But today has been pretty sucktacular therefore, postponed.

My parents drove almost four hours to see me, which was very sweet and the thing I was most excited about, more so than it being my birthday at all. But they couldn't stay very long and it reminded me that I'm not sure when the next time I will be able to see them for an extended period of time is. Sadness.

Second, I miss Cody. So. Freaking. Much. It doesn't feel like my birthday without him here to celebrate it with me. Last year we had so much fun, he took me to Discovery Cove to swim with the dolphins and out to my favorite restaurant, so I can't help but compare today with that day a year ago.

Third, my bestie is sick and in A LOT of pain and therefore also can't celebrate with me. I'm worried about her and hoping they find out what is wrong with her soon. And when they do and she's feeling better, then it can be my birthday.

Fourth, phone call from former boyfriend/best friend who decided to completely cut me out of his life (for the second time, and without so much as a goodbye) a month or so ago. And yet he thinks he can call me up and leave me this casual voice mail about how even though I'm mad at him he can still say happy birthday to me? Mad at him?? Is he serious? I'm not mad at him. Not anymore. I'm so over that. And over our relationship and everything we used to have together (well...I'm getting there. Maybe not completely over it, yet.). So it is not my birthday because he doesn't get to wish me happy birthday anymore.

Maybe I'll have more than one birthday this year. Maybe Saturday when Cody is home and we can go out. Maybe when bestie is feeling better and we can go out. Maybe when I can actually take a few days off and visit my parents. Yeah, I'm liking this plan.

But, I have to add that two of my friends are trying to help me salvage the day and taking me to dinner :)


Deb Salisbury said...

What a rotten day! Well, more like: unsatisfying.

I vote for several birthdays! Starting tonight, at dinner, then Saturday, then whenever you feel like it.

Last year my sister celebrated her birthday for a solid month! :D

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