Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Finding Motivation

What do you do on those days where you just. don't. feel. like. writing? Because I'm having one of those days. I'm laying in bed, and I know I should be writing. I've been repeating it in my head. "Danielle, open the computer. Start working on Banished. Write. WRITE DAMMIT!" And, no such luck. I have no motivation to write (which, rather ironically, motivated me to write this blog). I don't feel like it. I kind of have a headache and I'm kind of hungry and it's kind of hot. Plus I took a nap which made me feel more tired.

The dilemma now is, do I force myself to write, knowing that I really don't feel like it? I didn't write yesterday either. And I've given myself a deadline for the end of May to finish revising Banished. Or do I give myself a pass? Assuming that anything I write won't be as good as it could be if I truly felt like writing?


Lydia Kang said...

Must. Find. Fun. Scene. To. Write.
Then I get all psyched up for it and write through the blocky part to get to the fun stuff.
Good luck!

Shelley Sly said...

I'm probably not the best person to give this advice. Sometimes if I don't feel like writing, I just don't, because if my heart isn't 100% in it, it doesn't always turn out as well as it could be. That's just me, though. Not encouraging you to slack off, just relating with my own experience. I do find plenty of time when I'm energized to write, so that makes up for it.

Best of luck on your project!

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

If I'm not in the mood to write I don't. I think on those days it works for me to take a break, read a book or do something that may inspire me to want to write/revise.
I've had one of those non-writing days today too. Give yourself a pass and don't worry. :)

DaniSue said...

Thanks for the advice! And I did give myself a pass, plus one for today too :)