Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hate Words

Hello friends, confession time! There are words that I hate. I hate reading them. I hate hearing them. I hate writing them. I tried explaining this to my boyfriend, and asked him which words he hates to which he replied "Democrat?" He didn't quite get that for me it has nothing to do with the meaning of the word, it's the way it sounds or the way it looks. ***Note: I am aware this makes me somewhat of a freak***

TOP TEN (in no particular order....except for the top 3. I hate those the most.)

1. Moist

2. Damp

3. Tender

4. Squishy

5. Touch

6. Belly

7. Thong

8. Jaw

9. Skull

10. Muscle

Ick, it was a struggle just to write those words. Hope you appreciated it. The yucky part being over, I will now proceed to cleanse my brain of them with some words that I adore. Love, love, love these words, particularly when someone says them. I used to make my boyfriend say "cool" repeatedly. And my mom had to say the first two over and over again until she got fed up with my weirdness and sent me to play in my room.

1. Pajamas

2. Frumpiness

3. Cool

4. Clarity

5. Fluffy
6. Antidisestablishmentarianism (btw, I spelled that right on the first try. Not bragging or anything...)

7. Dance

8. Kitten

9. Penny

10. Soothed

Sooooo....just wondering, be honest, am I crazy? Eccentric, would you say? Pure genius? (I SAID BE HONEST!) ****Last night I told my boyfriend that I thought if cats could sing they'd have beautiful voices. Especially our cat. She'd be the Susan Boyle or Charlotte Church of cats****