Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm a writer, I don't watch t.v...

Ha, not! I hate it when people do that. "Oh, I don't watch t.v. I just read." I read more than anyone I know but come on people, who doesn't love t.v.? So when I saw Alex J. Cavanaugh’s Top 10 TV Shows Blogfest I couldn't resist! Here are mine,without further ado (in no particular order):

The Office




Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant

Say Yes to the Dress


Top Gear


The Buried Life





Modern Family


Man Vs. Wild



Deb Salisbury said...

LOL! Sorry, I don't even own a TV.

Of course, I live so far out in the boonies I'd have to buy a satellite to get any stations.

Renae said...

Oh, you have some good choices on your list! I can't believe all the shows that slipped my mind! Say yes to the dress and Glee! Great shows!

Jennie Bailey said...

When the hubster and I first started dating, he was seriously addicted to Jeopardy. I would be in the kitchen slaving over dinner while he shouted questions at every answer. I was so impressed with how smart that man was. It wasn't until much, much later that I actually sat down to watch it with him and discovered - the answers weren't right. At least, they weren't right every time. He just liked to guess for every answer. He's super smart (PhD) but not Jeopardy every answer smart. ;-) Great list!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Top Gear is good! Thanks for participating in my blogfest.

aspiring_x said...

my friend at work is obsessed with that 16 and pregnant show. :)
and top gear!
only those guys could make me want to watch a show about cars! :)

Gregg said...

First time I saw the Office on a list. It is a great show, but I think they jumped the shark in season six.

Modern Family is funny!

DaniSue said...

Deb - well, at least you have an excuse and aren't saying it to be pompous and superior, lol

Jennie - I'm pretty good at jeopardy, it's one of my ambitions to be on it someday. My boyfriend usually just listens to me yell out the answers (which aren't always right in my case too) and he always surprises me by knowing at least one that I don't.

Alex- Great blogfest!

Aspring - Top gear is hilarious, I'm not into cars either but I've gathered enough watching it to make people think I do, which comes in handy sometimes

Gregg- I love the office, I'm worried what's going to happen when Steve Carrell leaves :(

Kelley said...

Very nice list, i don't watch any of those shows much but still a nice list!

Witless Exposition said...

Love Modern Family, it's on my list, too! Just got finished watching the premier, and it was just as good as the first season. Even if my husband laughed a little too hard at the "I love you when you're human" line. :)

Anonymous said...

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