Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What. Would. My. Main. Character. Do.

I need one of those obnoxious bracelets on my wrist with W.W.M.M.C.D. (is that too long for a bracelet? I have tiny wrists. Whatev, I'd just wrap it around twice...) embroidered on it. And then when I have my main character do something that I would do and not what she would do I could snap myself with it and delete said action.

I am not my character.

Everyone! Say it with me!

I am not my character.

Good. Now, continue writing and make sure that your character does what makes sense for them and their motivation/personality/situation and NOT what you would do if it was actually happening to you.

*Note: I am writing this under the assumption that everyone slips up and forgets that they are a separate entity from their character and writes as if it were happening to them and has the character react accordingly. Please...don't let this just be me...


Amparo Ortiz said...

Dude! I forget that whole I-am-not-my-character mantra all the time. Stepping outside of your own head is super hard sometimes.

If you happen to make the bracelets, please send one my way :)

Arizela said...

I'm more likely to have to restrain myself from acting like my characters. They're a violent, short-tempered bunch, and I'm generally a peacemaker. Sometimes, the temptation to pull out a flying kick to the head in my MC's style is pretty harsh. :P

Witless Exposition said...

I think this is really hard to do because we put a little of ourselves in all of our characters (even our villains). Love the idea of the bracelet!