Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Starting a new chapter, in more ways than 1

In typical slacker form, it's been almost a month since I posted. Buuutttt, I have an extremely valid excuse in the form of this lovely diamond ring:

In addition to getting engaged (sorry it's kind of a crappy picture), I finally started my new job (going extremely well, thanks) celebrated the holidays, and spent time with friends I hadn't seen in waaayyy too long. Needless to say, all of this craziness left me with about, oh, -10 seconds to write. And to be brutally honest, writing, or at least working on my MS, is not at the top of my priorities at the moment. Sad face.


As a delayed New Year's Resolution, I have resolved to stop buying women's magazines. And to write my blog not just about writing (which hasn't been working too well anyway) and to branch out to write about things I think women might truly care about, find interesting or humorous, etc.

Every month I would stand in line in the grocery store, seduced by glossy magazine covers graced by my favorite celebrities. And every month I was disgusted and bitter that I had spent $4.29 to read "WHAT IF YOUR BOYFRIEND IS SECRETLY GAY!?" or "WHY TAKEN GUYS SEEM SEXIER" (real titles, btw). I cannot even begin to tell you the ridiculous questions I peppered my boyfriend...ooh, fiance!..... with after reading these articles:

Me: Honey, is it possible you're gay?
Him: WHAT!? NO!!
Me: Are you sure? Because this woman in this article was engaged to this guy for YEARS and never knew he was gay!
Him: **rolls his eyes and walks away*

Me: Would you tell me if you cheated on me?
Him: (suspecting a trick question) I would never cheat on you.
Me: Yeah...but if you did. Would you tell me?
Him: What? Yeah, I guess I would tell you. I mean, wait, no! I wouldn't cheat on you! Why are we having this conversation!?
Me: Well, I just read this article....
Him: **rolls eyes and walks away**

I have finally come to the realization that no matter how cute the covers or enticing the titles, these magazines are actually kind of detrimental to women. Their advice is often contradictory and pandering. Telling women that a relationship can come from a hook-up is not empowering. Talking about nothing but sex and clothes and make-up is not empowering. Scaring them with articles about their impending fertility is not helpful. Yes, there are on occasion genuinely interesting and educational articles, which is what I read these magazines for, but they are so few and far between that it's just not worth it.

So, here's hoping that I can make my blog something worth reading.


barb myers said...

ROFLOL!! I loved it, especially the conversation with the b/f, er fiance.
You failed to mention the magazines, I guess they're geared to older women, with the headline of the latest new diet tips at the top and a picture of delicious chocolate cake (recipe inside) on the cover.
Mixed messages all the way around. Take a look at the masthead. Most women's magazines are published by, you guessed it--MEN!