Saturday, February 27, 2010

Interview with my character

My feisty MC Jeanie has agreed to an interview with me. It went, uh, not so well. I think I pissed her off and I wouldn't be surprised if she refuses to ever do this again. But it was quite helpful, so it was worth it.

DM: Hey, Jeanie. Thanks for talking to me like this.

JT: Hey. No prob.

DM: How are things going with you since you moved to Missouri?

JT: Seriously? It's Missouri. It sucks.

DM: *raises eyebrows*

JT: Like, hardcore sucks. Not normal, I'm-so-bored-because-I-stare-at-cows-all-day sucks. Sucks like this place is completely backward and oh yeah, they're trying to kill me sucks.

DM: Damn.

JT: I know.

DM: there anything you like about Missouri?

JT: *sighs* Yeah.

DM: Such as....?
JT: God, this is so lame but... I like the air here. It's dry. It's not like in Florida when you walk out of the house and the air sticks to you. I like the hills. Everything in Florida is flat. There are real animals here. Like deer and shit. That's kinda cool, I guess. And...things move slower. People aren't in a rush all the time. They
are homicidal maniacs, but they take their time with stuff.

DM: If you could go back to Florida, would you?
JT: If I could go back and things would be how they used to be, then yes. In a heartbeat. The way they are now? No. I can't.

DM: You can't?


DM: *clears throat* Right. Sorry. Aren't there any people you like here? A boy, maybe?
JT: *rolls eyes* You mean Pierce, right?

DM: Uh, well, yeah? He's like your...well, not your boyfriend, but your, um, make out buddy?

JT: Make out buddy? *laughs* I like that. *cocks head to side* That's a good term for it, actually. Although...he's pretty good at the make out stuff, but the buddy part? He needs some work.

DM: Yeah? Why is that?
JT: Oh, I don't know, because I can trust him about as far as I can throw him? And he has this creepy habit of showing up at weird places at inconvenient times. Plus he doesn't tell me anything, ever. Just these vague warnings and lame excuses....

DM: Sounds frustrating.

JT: Gee, ya think?

DM: Whoa, what's with the 'tude?

JT: *sighs and shakes head* I'm sorry. Not your fault that Pierce is an ego-tripping mystery man and everyone is out to get me. Wait...that is your fault!

DM: *looks away guiltily* Sorry about that. *grimaces*

JT: Ugh. It's whatev.

DM: So, anyway... is that your natural hair color?

JT: Yes.

DM: Really? Cuz it looks too perfect to be real.

JT: Well, it is.

DM: *sighs wistfully* I always wanted perfectly highlighted blonde hair like that.

JT: Probably why you gave it to me. *flips hair over her shoulder tauntingly*

DM: True. But let me get back to the deep, hard-hitting questions. What's your plan?

JT: My plan?

DM: Yeah. For dealing with what's happening in Fillmore. You do have a plan, correct?

JT: *Scoffs.* Of course I have a plan. I'm going to...well, try not to be murdered in that little sacrificial ceremony they like so much. And I'm probably going to have to figure out exactly what this cult is after and where they came from so I can blow this thing wide open.

DM: How are you going to do that?

JT: Plan A? Beat the shit out of Pierce until he gives me some answers. Plan B? Well. Let's just hope I won't need a plan B.


Lydia K said...

Funny! What a great idea. Keep it coming!

DaniSue said...

Thanks! It was fun to write :)

Kirk said...

Hehehe. This was really good. One of my posts on my blog was a bio written by one of my characters, about herself. It really did help me to get into the character's state of mind. Good job on this.