Monday, February 1, 2010

Sick...two weeks early

I'm sick (just a cold, but still, a nasty one). And it's a conspiracy. I swear.

Every year, for the past, oh, I don't know, three? I've been sick on Valentine's Day. And I mean sick sick, bed-bound, hair in a mess, nose like Rudolph, hacking up a lung, body get the picture, and it ain't pretty. Luckily my boyfriend has grown used to seeing me at my worst and I'm ok with letting him see me look like a lagoon creature. Mostly because he lies through his teeth and tells me I'm still pretty when I'm sick...snort, yeah right. And he buys me disgusting medicine and forces me to take it, but then bribes me with soda and chocolate if I do. Anyway, me being sick on Valentine's Day and him taking care of me is becoming a sort of tradition.

Well, imagine my surprise when I woke up on Friday morning with an extremely sore throat. I tried to brush it off, convinced that it was just a morning thing and would go away. Ate some cereal, thinking it would help....and nope, still hurting. Cody decided to immediately take action and force me to take disgusting dissolving Zicam thingys. Ewwww..but I was determined not to get sick. Friday night was supposed to go out dancing but decided to stay home and make sure I got enough rest and would go out Saturday. Wake up on Saturday and surprise, surprise, feel worse. Now my nose is stuffy and I'm starting to get that sick achy feeling. I was still determined to ignore it and forced myself to go out dancing. Sunday, had to work almost all day, and by the end had deteriorated to the point where I was at my Valentine's Day worst. That's when my friend remarked "Well, at least your sick now and not on Valentine's Day."

True, I thought. I had escaped my Valentine's Day illness curse! There was no way I was still going to be sick in two weeks. Score! Then I remembered.

My boyfriend isn't going to be here on Valentine's Day.

Not being sick on Valentine's Day wouldn't even matter this year! My boyfriend left this morning for school in Jacksonville for four months! And with no clear idea of when he's going to be able to come home to visit. This was my last weekend to spend with him, and I here I am, so sick that I spent most of his last night sleeping! Oooh, the curse strikes again. Ya got me. Snuck in two weeks early to ruin my weekend.

Time to accept it, the Valentine's Day curse is smarter than me, and does not only apply to Valentine's Day. Clearly it understood that it's only chance to spoil my time with my boyfriend was this weekend, and boy did it work fast!

Here's hoping that next year the curse will be broken but...I'm not holding my breath.


Deb Salisbury said...

Oh no! The Valentine's Day Curse is inescapable!!!! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!

Hugs to you. :'}

Anonymous said...

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