Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pretty Little Liars The Show

I just finished watching the pilot episode of Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family. I gotta say, I wasn't disappointed. When I originally saw pictures of the cast, I was disappointed that Spencer wasn't blonde, that Hanna was, and that Emily looked Asian. But...I think it works. And the casting for Ali, Aria and Melissa are perfect. They made the girls older and changed the timeline, but I understand that was a necessity. It seems to be sticking pretty close to the book, so I'm excited for the rest of the season! Now I have to go watch Glee, even though it's been letting me down every week.


Renae said...

I was not disappointed either. Thought it was wonderful! I thought the cast worked too. I love Aria. Now I have to read the rest of the series...I've only finished book 1.

DaniSue said...

I just finished #6, went to buy #7 on my Kindle, only to find it isn't on Kindle! And yet, somehow, #8 is! Not sure what to do now, I'm desperate to read #7 but I don't want to buy the paper back while the rest of the series is on my kindle!