Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tracking Your Stats. Yea or Nay?

So, as I've navigated my way around the lovely blogger universe, I've noticed a theme on other writer's blogs.

People keep track of how far along they are in their WIPs and how many words a day they write and how much time they spend writing/editing/staring blankly at the screen....etc. Huh. I also discovered you can keep track of how many people view your profile, read each blog post, etc. Hmm.

I don't do any of these things. I have no idea how long a WIP is going to be, so how can I know I am 80% done or whatever? When I write, I write til I don't feel like writing anymore or I've finished a scene or I have something else to do. I don't set writing goals. I have a valid fear that setting goals and then not meeting them will be detrimental to my self-esteem.

I think if I kept track of how many (or, um, few) people look at my blog I would turn into a dejected basket-case, and again, take a blow to my confidence.

But I'm curious, does keeping track of how much you write and/or how many people visit your blog and/or setting goals (daily, weekly, monthly?) work for you? If so, why?


C. N. Nevets said...

I used to track the blog stuff, but right now I don't. It's important if you are prioritizing platform-building, but when I was doing that it killed my writing, so I stopped.

I definitely keep track of my word count, though I don't really report it on my blog. Sometimes I update on Twitter. I've learned that it helps me be more intentional and deliberate about my writing, if I I have that.

It's a guess. I know it's not going to be short, and I won't let it get too long. So I threw 90K out there as my approximate end-point for Sublimation. Today, as I wrapped up part one, I hit right about 51K. So in terms of structuring the story, I have an idea of how much time I want to spend on what's left.

I avoid universal prescriptions and proscriptions, but personally intentionally like that has been a major help in thinking of myself as and behaving as a professional writer rather than a wannabe. May not be the same for everyone.

Renae said...

I've tried to set writing goals, but it always backfires. In the end, I write when I have time and when the ideas are flowing. Sometimes I write a page or two and other times I can knock out an entire chapter. I try not to stress. As far as keeping track of my blog...I'm with you, that would just stress me out!

Sarah said...

Doesn't work for me. Maybe in the summer, when I don't have to work, but not when I'm constantly busy and having to fit writing in wherever I can.